by Hipoxia

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"Overall Hipoxia created a tight album with a thick atmosphere. Hipoxia’s music serves its purpose, giving the listener what he wants, a heavy dose of the most filthy and corrosive sludge/doom that will leave him gasping for air." Cvltnation.com

"While the band blends a lot of different moods, there are no drastic or incoherent switches. It’s a gradual seesawing of different proportions of ideas that are always churning together. Aggression, power, and doom all rolled up into one mass; Hipoxia shows off a lot of ideas in this four-song 50-minute album. After a few listens though it's clear that some ideas have been slightly stretched. All of the crunchy slower riffs take their intended toll, and since none of them are bad it happens in a subconscious kind of way. You may find each part of the songs enjoyable; but towards the end of the album when your shoes feel cemented to the floor, you can’t shake the feeling that you’ve been listening for too long. This relates to the idea of Hipoxia’s murky nature. You can’t really point out any filler here, but parts of the album could have been more concise without necessarily losing any of the long enveloping notes. Those longer notes also explain how the band has the drone tag, the tendency to bathe in tones as much as melodies, grooves, or riffs." contaminatedtones.blogspot.com

"Desde “Children Of Winter” a “Disembodied Metamorphosis”, HIPOXIA ha sabido plasmar en cada uno de sus temas el desasosiego de la humanidad, la cara oscura de la vida". Xtreemmusic.org

"Los temas son largos, bien enlazados y bastante equilibrados, a pesar de que los riffs de pocas notas y la voz rota y fúnebre de E toman el control y ambientan este disco tan alucinógeno y maldito" Rafabasa.com

"Aquí todo parece estar ausente de oxígeno. Ritmos lentos, agonizantes y abruptos para cuatro temas larguísimos, pero que si eres un demente como yo los disfrutarás enormemente. Incluso esa voz alejada de los cánones del BM o el DM le da un mal rollo perfecto. Edición profesional con un diseño tan negro como su propuesta". Orfismo´Zine

" Si tienes claro que el mundo es una mierda y que no hay luz al final de ese sucio y asqueroso tunel este es tu disco, un disco para escuchar a oscuras y a un volumen bestial, pues su musica cavernosa asi lo requiere!!! elfosodelkaos.blogspot.com.

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released September 21, 2012

Recorded and mixed at the Mantis Studios (Feb/March, 2012) by F Trych and V. Brown



Track Name: Children Of Winter
World of shit,Hope of tomorrow
dehumanized life of sentence
world of misery,broken chains
world of decay,children of winter
destroy the wailing walls
eyes make out the falls of colossus
existence as conflict looks emancipation
metastasis to destroy,this real fistion
burned lethargy,toward unfuture
spitting in face of good
hanging to politicians
killing your fucking bosses
Shotting to law enforcement
Track Name: Living Dead Society
paths full of bleak sheep
lights guide the miserable lives
skin dressed wander around without fate
blinded wishes after the slackness

voidbrains need to consume
shelters brimming with filth
controlled minds by virus
tummies swollen of corpses

living dead society – it's our world
Track Name: Black Blaze Of Terror
fracture the narcotic minds as foul pustules
rise up of coma to knock over everything

bloody eyes to observe died lives
pain submits your reality to the endless void

fire as only tool
destruction to create
return to the nebula
black blaze of terror

nothing is everything, everything is nothing

bloody eyes to observe died lives
Track Name: Disembodied Metamorphosis
eternal doubts about the womb of infinity
messiahs revering the fallen thrones
embracing human hallucinations

sickly devotion by doom transformations
ascending despair to obtain some answer
poisoned blood feeding void structures

dances of death seduce lost souls

disembodied metamorphosis